Parkour Chase Tag - Meetup 15

If you’re looking for a real  parkour chase, this is as real as it gets. This time we were joined by a Parkour group from Kent called PK Monsters - check it out, here.

“Parkour Tag Meetup 15” took place at Parkour Generations where we played a one-on-one, winner-stays-on format that had a point system as follows;

Each game is twenty seconds long with one chaser and one evader. The person who wins, stays on as the evader. 

1 point – For a successful tag.
2 points – For a successful evasion.

The chaser of the day, with 28 points, was Kyle Glykeriou. You can see more stuff from Kyle on PK Monsters You Tube channel
Or Kyle’s Instagram account

Other athletes include;
Marcus, Kieran, Orlando, Josh Anderson, Nat, Josh Anelay, Conor, Damien and Christian. You can find out more about them on the following links;

Marcus - Or his website 

Kieran, Josh Anelay & Conor

Orlando - Orlando's Instagram account

Josh Anderson 

Nat - Nat's Instragram account

Damien & Christian – Or World Chase Tag's Instagram account

If you would like to join our regular Parkour Chase Tag meetup group, you can sign up here or follow us on Facebook 

Parkour Generations has got to be one of the sickest gyms in London. Check them out here. They provide a host of obstacles that are perfect for Parkour Tag and they have enough stuff to ensure that the Tag Court™ is different each time we go there.

This Chase Tag Meetup was shot entirely using a Go Pro 4 and a Feiyu G4 gimbal for smooth recording.  Check out their respective channels - GoPro - Feiyu

If you know any spots that you think would make for a great game of Parkour Tag or Chase Tag please do not hesitate to leave your comment below and we’ll get in touch and get it on. 

Mind how you go and…don't get caught!