Parkour Chase Tag - Meetup 11 - Feat. Brewman

Chase Tag Meetup 11 at Parkour Generations on 16th January 2016 was a one-on-one, winner-stays-on format, and our in-house pro, Thibault ‘T-Bolt’ Bain, was on FIRE.

He had some fierce challenges from some of the guys from Brewman including Jack Newman, Max Barker, Tobie Annels and Luke Stones.

Brewman are one of the best up and coming Freerunning groups around and their videos are sick. Check out Brewman here.

You can find out more about each athlete by clicking each name below;

Jack Newman 
Max Barker 
Tobie Annels 
Luke Stones

We also had some action from Joe Stones, Joe Sanders, Damien Devaux and Christian Devaux .

If you would like to join our regular Parkour Chase Tag meetup group, you can sign up here.

For more info on Parkour Generations or The Chainstore click here.

If you know any spots that you think would make for a great game of Parkour Chase Tag please do not hesitate to leave your comment below and we will try and organise a Meetup there in the near future.

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